I recently did a Prusa I3 MK2 Upgrade to upgrade my printer to version MK2 and have taken a few pictures and wanted to share a few thoughts on this particular printer.

First a picture of the printer before the upgrade.

Prusa I3 Initially
Prusa I3 Initially

The upgrade is fairly straight forward, it did involved taking apart the printer and starting again from scratch but building it from scratch did highlight some of the improvements. For me the biggest improvement is the larger print bed. There are a number of other improvements though such as the auto bed leveling, faster printing (with threaded X axis rods) etc. After a number of hours disassembling and reassembling, below is the finished result. I opted for black printed parts and prefer the look to the previous orange parts.

Prusa I3 MK2
Prusa I3 MK2 Upgrade

I am starting my test prints now, I have had a few issues with the new firmware and calibration, mainly with the new sensor and bed leveling but the forums have been quite helpful for resolving these issues. Its worth noting that I am one of the first to receive the kit and i’m sure many of these problems will be resolved in newer firmware releases. The recently released 3.0.4 beta firmware does appear to have fixed the bed leveling issues I had though I did do some minor damage to my print bed in the process.

Small dents in printer bed
Small dents in printer bed

The small dents don’t appear to have effected print quality and I am happy with some on the initial test prints. I will start printing some more complicated pieces soon and put it to a harder test. Overall, I am pleased with the upgrade (this is the second upgrade I have made to the original Prusa I3 printer) and the printers from Prusa Research are of a high quality. I will post some prints soon!

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  1. This printer is garbage do yourself a favour and don’t buy it. It is unable to print the materials Prusa states it is able to print because the removal of the heat from the hot end is insufficient and will melt your printer. If you are only printing PLA this printer might last a month more. Customer support is useless and will leave you frustrated.

    • Sounds like you havent had much luck with it, have you tried the forums here: http://shop.prusa3d.com/forum/?language=en?

      I have printed lots of things in PLA and ABS and haven’t had any problems with long prints at high hot end temperatures.

      Also, the support has been quite good, I have had a few replacement parts sent out. What were you trying to print?


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