Kiss Calculator
Kiss Calculator

Kiss Calculator is the best application to calculate which of your friends sends you the most kisses. Download this amazing free and innovative kissing tester on your mobile and have unlimited fun. Do you love playing romantic games with your friends? If yes, Kiss Calculator is the free app for you!

Kiss Calculator has a gorgeous interface, which is easy to follow and navigate. This amazing free love calculator checks your message inbox and outbox and will calculate a quick synopsis of sent and received text (sms) messages as well as calculating the total number kisses from your friends. It then shows the results and statistics and creates a personal rating. You can share your results with your contacts solely at your discretion.

❤ Calculate an instant love rating for your contacts!
❤ Keep the result private, nothing is shared without your consent!
❤ Or, Share the results and have fun with your friends!
Kiss Calculator is free with no in-app purchases!

Download this funny and free love game; Kiss Calculator today, and start enjoying calculate the love from kisses from your friends. This love calculator will always keep you entertained.

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