My granddad had an old unused radio which didn’t work had a burnt out power lead and old broken valves. I set out upgrading an old Bush DAC90 Radio so I could use it as a Jukebox and speaker.

The radio was a 1950’s Bush DAC90a. You can find information on it here.

I decided to upgrade it so that it was possible to stream songs from a raspberry pi. The raspberry pi would also run subsonic media streaming service and act as a jukebox. A guide to installing subsonic on the raspberry pi can be found here. I decided to design it so that the speaker would also play songs from a 3.5mm stereo jack.

I gutted the original insides of the radio and cut a piece of acrylic to fit within the base of the radio shell.

I replaced the speaker cone and purchased a 20W amplifier from ebay because of the lack of amplifier kits available in Maplin for this speaker. I then fixed the raspberry pi and using brackets and plastic boxes, I mounted the potentiometers and the amplifier at 90°.

See the images below for the results.


The Raspberry pi is powered using a 12V car USB adapter and taking power from the 12V 6A amplifier power supply. I am using a blue led USB cable for the Raspberry Pi. These can be bought fairly cheaply on eBay.

I will post a video of my final result after upgrading an old Bush DAC90 Radio soon.

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